Otina’s Adventures

Otina’s Adventures

Trip reports and photos from hiking, climbing, skiing
and mountaineering adventures in Colorado, Alaska, NY and beyond.

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Colorado 13ers - New sorting functionality: 13ers by classes. See how many class 3 13ers there are by range and total! (Mostly I'm just proud I figured out the logic puzzle coding)

Home page log sorting by activity type. Mostly just for me searching for various trips. 14er Ski Project - Decided that I needed a dedicated 14er ski page. Still filling content.

Back-filling old content (pre-website)

Since I likely won't be adding a lot of skiing/climbing/hiking trips to my home page for a while, I'll be adding content to other areas of my website over the next few months. So I'll keep a listing of that new content here, if you find yourself jonesing for something new!

Alaska (Mountain / Photography / Life)

Denali in Spring - A rare clear day as I drove south along the Parks Highway. 2007

Seward Sea Life Center - Toured the research, rehabilitation, education and aquarium. Birds, Sea lions, and Seals! 2007

Resurrection Bay Cruise - Took a glacier and wildlife cruise out of Seward around Resurrection Bay. 2007

Sable Pass (Denali NP) - 20 mile bike ride from Teklanika to Sable Pass (With elk, moose, ptarmigan, rabbit and bears) 2007

Mt Healy (Denali NP) - Short hike up to Overlook, and river hike at the end of the public accessible road in Denali NP. 2003

Denali Ptarmigan - Playing my favorite game: Stalk the Ptarmigan! 2007

My Garden through the years in Fairbanks: 2004-2006

Fairbanks Botanical Garden - A great place to take a new camera to test it's capabilities, as well as learn about depth of field, composition and focusing. Beautiful flowers always inspire! 2006-7

Fairbanks Ice Art Championships - It's what to do in March every year 2004-2007

Chatanika - Small town lunch stop 2005

Red Green River Regatta - Float the Chena River in contraption. Only Rule: Must use 1 roll of duct tape! 2005

Updated Pages - New Photos

My tale of being the most hated vehicle between Fairbanks, AK and Boulder, CO: Southern Migration 2007

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