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St Mary's Glacier - BC Skiing

St Mary's Glacier - ~11,000'
Region: James Peak Wilderness
Road Access: Fall River Road, mi 8
Mileage: 3.1 (one run - round trip)
Approach Mileage: 0.8
Elevation Gain: 1,130'
Vertical Ski: ~730'

St Mary's Photos: (View Slideshow of 2008-2015)

July 2015:

One leg skiing with a broken leg...again!

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July 2015 Photos:

September 2014:

First time wearing both pairs of skis since the broken leg! Owww!

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September 2014 Photos:

September 2013:

A quick, post Gurlz hike ski in the rain!

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September 2013 Photos:

August 2013:

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August 2013 Photos:

July 2013:

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July 2013 Photos:

September 2012:

The ever shrinking glacier....

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September 2012 Photos:

August 2012:

What happened to the glacier? It's half gone!!!! I've never seen it this bad before. I have serious doubts it will be around in October.

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August 2012 Photos:

July 2012:

With the monsoon raging, I decided to time trial the ski. How fast car to car could I go, my previous record was 1:20. Today, with the threat of "Skiing in the Rain", I shaved my time to 1:13. My only lost time was from foot pain from too thick socks and hard suncups.

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July 2012 Photos:

June 2012:

Decided to finish up my 2012 ski goal of making turns on all 8 pairs of skis this month. Wanted it done before the suncups made skiing difficult! Ski resorts closed a week too early for me to finish it up with a bit more ease. Last 2 skis, the more unique of the quiver. My 1994 Dynastar 180 straight skis, and then my mountaineering/glacier slogging Koflach boots + Rossignol skis. Neither ski well in most conditions, so it was interesting to see how the Dynastars did in their 2nd backcountry adventure (first was a complete sh*t show in 2000). The length seemed to help get over the suncups, but turning was more difficult with their length.

The real fun happened when I put one of each ski/boot on for the last 40' with the remaining skis on the pack on my back. Not easy turning when there is a 20cm difference in ski length!

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June 2012 Photos:

May 2012:

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May 2012 Photos:

October 2011:

With a recent dump of snow, who could resist going out to ski some freshies? So we enlisted Zach and ended up running into Scott at the top of the glacier too. We were not alone, at least 20 others had their sights set on the fresh snow as well

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October 2011 Photos:

September 2011:

Holy Suncups Batman!!!

September 2011 Photos:

August 2011:

This time around, I decided to haul up 3 pairs of skis AND 3 pairs of boots. My entire backcountry quiver. To think I used to "ski mountaineer" on those Fishers and Rossignols + Koflach's!!! I dropped off all the skis on top and lapped all the gear to the bottom. Thankfully the snow got soft by the 2nd and 3rd runs on the skinny skis and for the BC cross-country skis. A fun day with lots of interesting comments ;)

August 2011 Photos:

July 2011:

July 2011 Photos:

March 2010:

Traveled over the glacier en-route to James Peak

March 2010 Photos:

September 2009:

September 2009 Photos:

August 2009:

August 2009 Photos:

July 2009:

July 2009 Photos:

November 2008:

Partners: Jeff & Sarah

I packed my skis up to the base of the glacier. It looked nasty icy and not all that fun. Upon arrival at the trail head, my grandmother had called, and warned me to not break my arm, like last time. Last time, I was 12. It had rained at my local ski resort, Kissing Bridge, and the conditions were bad. My arm was shattered after 1 run, 3rd time skiing that year. Jinx? Was I willing to find out? This would be my first ski run of the season... No, I don't want to risk ruining my season.

So Jeff and Sarah went up and did a run. They said the upper part was good, but the lower area was very icy. They didn't want to do another run. Yeah not great conditions!

November 2008 Photos:

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