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Colorado 13ers: Routes, Combos & Repeats

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L->H Peaks Mileage Elevation # of Peaks Class TH Range Date Map Links
1West Pearl Mountain (ski)6.473562122WD Elk 04/23/2010 TR
2Pearl Mountain6.32400124WD Elk 09/16/2011 TR
3Mt Daly9.574068122WD Elk 08/24/2012
4Treasure Mtn, Treasury Mtn17.02703222+2WD Elk 09/21/2012 TR
5Pt 13,062 B8.153817124WD Elk 09/22/2012 TR
6Thunder Pyramid (ski)11.624724122WD Elk 05/31/2013 TR
7Electric Pass, Leahy10.143956222WD Elk 08/17/2013
8Hagerman Peak (ski) (backpack)9.375288134WD HC Elk 06/18/2015 TR
9Italian Mountain, Lambertson Peak6.692618224WD Elk 09/25/2015 TR
10Mt Owen B, Ruby Peak5.952825222WD Elk 09/26/2015 TR
11Teocalli Mountain5.533137124WD Elk 09/26/2016 TR
12West Elk Peak19.144784112WD Elk 09/27/2016 TR
13Cathedral Peak (ski)10.834500142WD Elk 04/12/2017 TR
14Star Peak, Taylor Peak A (ski)8.1401922+4WD Elk 06/13/2017 TR
15Baldy Mtn, Pt 13,24412.65232222WD Elk 06/20/2018 TR
16Willoughby11.584724122WD Elk 06/21/2018 TR
17Buckskin BM, 1303913.124697242WD Elk 09/13/2018 TR
18Lightning Pyramid11.574573132WD Elk 07/22/2019 TR
1913020 1333615.634802232WD Elk 09/15/2020 TR
20Belleview8.42319612+2WD Elk 10/07/2020 TR
2113140 13180B11.294144234WD Elk 10/09/2020 TR
22White Rock BM8.753388124WD HC Elk 08/30/2021

Total elevation gain: 91486 Total mileage: 227.84

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