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Colorado 13ers: Routes, Combos & Repeats

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L->H Peaks Mileage Elevation # of Peaks Class TH Range Date Map Links
1Grizzly Peak D, Cupid5.52680222WD Front 06/27/2008
2South Arapaho Peak8.883397122WD Front 07/31/2008
3Mt Flora7.52120122WD Front 09/27/2008
4Mt Parnassus, Woods Mountain8.53926222WD Front 10/31/2008
5Mt Sniktau3.71700122WD Front 03/20/2009
6Edwards, McClellan, Argentine, Wilcox8.93820424WD Front 07/17/2009 TR
7Bard Peak9.53400122WD Front 10/23/2009
8James Peak (ski)7.672932122WD Front 03/05/2010 TR
9Mt Guyot (ski)7.323019122WD Front 04/01/2011
10Spaulding, Gray Wolf, Warren, Rogers8.493251422WD Front 07/08/2011
11Navajo, Apache103479242WD Front 07/15/2011 TR
12Kelso Mtn4.561914122WD Front 08/08/2011 TR
13Mt Bancroft, Parry Peak, Mt Eva6.513274324WD Front 08/19/2011 TR
14Lenawee Mountain6.672828122WD Front 08/24/2011 TR
15N Arapaho, S Arapaho, Old Baldy10.633912342WD Front 08/26/2011 TR
16The Citadel, Hagar Mountain10.73909232WD Front 09/09/2011 TR
17Isolation, Mahana17.175358222WD Front 10/22/2011 TR
18Wilcox, Argentine, Square Top9.284386322WD Front 04/21/2012
19Hoosier Ridge, Red Mtn C, Red Pk A11.73749322WD Front 11/23/2012 TR
20Hassel Pk, Pettingell Pk10.763829222WD Front 12/01/2012
21Santa Fe, Sullivan, Geneva, Landslide14.324437422WD Front 01/20/2013
22Golden Bear Peak (ski)7.132397122WD Front 06/08/2013 TR
23Bald Mountain A (ski)8.853230122WD Front 06/14/2013 TR
24Boreas Mountain2.881587122WD Front 06/14/2013 TR
25Silverheels8.693302122WD Front 09/01/2013
26Mt Lady Washington8.353892122WD Front 11/27/2013 TR
27Ruby Mountain (ski)9.853427122WD Front 01/25/2014 TR
28Mt Sniktau *R3.541664122WD Front 09/05/2014
29Red Mountain C (ski) *R8.272900122WD Front 03/14/2015 TR
30Bald Mountain (ski) *R10.883354122WD Front 03/27/2015 TR
31Geneva Peak (ski) *R72702122WD Front 04/24/2015 TR
32Red Mountain C (ski) *R7.762928122WD Front 05/16/2015 TR
33Square Top Mountain A (ski) *R6.782574122WD Front 05/23/2015 TR
34Rosalie, Epaulet, Epaulie4.931593322WD Front 08/28/2015 TR
35Engelmann Peak, Robeson Peak7.633572222WD Front 10/02/2015
36Paiute Peak, Mt Audubon8.93128232WD Front 10/09/2015
37Copeland Mountain14.244878122WD Front 10/10/2015
38Mt Silverheels (ski) *R10.974262122WD Front 04/06/2016 TR
39Hagar Mountain (ski) *R7.362704132WD Front 05/24/2016
40Red Mountain C (ski) *R8.062930122WD Front 04/26/2017
41Kelso Mountain (ski) *R3.272416122WD Front 06/07/2017 TR
42Mt Sniktau (ski) *R5.082942122WD Front 06/08/2017 TR
43Golden Bear (ski) *R6.88254422WD Front 05/11/2018 TR
44Cupid (ski) *R5.272232122WD Front 05/21/2018 TR
45Pettingell (ski) *R93288122WD Front 05/24/2018 TR
46Hassell (ski) *R7.613049122WD Front 05/26/2018 TR
47Eva (ski) *R6.362508124WD Front 05/31/2018 TR
48Whale (ski)6.472754124WD Front 06/01/2018 TR
49Red Mountain C (ski) *R8.252919122WD Front 03/26/2019
50Santa Fe Peak (ski) *R5.872670122WD Front 04/18/2019 TR
51Hoosier Ridge (ski) *R9.93214122WD Front 04/25/2019 TR
52Hassell Peak (ski) *R8.183035122WD Front 05/01/2019 TR
53Mt Guyot (ski) *R3.831681122WD Front 05/03/2019 TR
54Mt Silverheels (ski) *R8.983642122WD Front 05/30/2019 TR
55Mt Parnasus (ski) *R6.463360122WD Front 06/19/2019 TR
56Golden Bear (ski) *R7.672100122WD Front 03/17/2020
57Sniktau, Cupid *R5.141891222WD Front 06/02/2020
58Golden Bear (ski) *R7.512746122WD Front 06/03/2020
59Argentine (ski) *R8.262808124WD Front 06/07/2020
60Grays, Edwards *R8.663879222WD Front 06/30/2020

Total elevation gain: 184022 Total mileage: 478.98

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