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Colorado 13ers: Routes, Combos & Repeats

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L->H Peaks Mileage Elevation # of Peaks Class TH Range Date Map Links
1Horseshoe Mountain9.653032122WD Mosquito 04/09/2010
2Loveland, Buckskin, Tweto, Arkansas8.273804434WD Mosquito 09/30/2011
3Evans B, Repeater, Mosquito, Treasurevault, Tweto11.723403524WD Mosquito 06/21/2012
4W & E Buffalo Peak7.893432222WD Mosquito 10/20/2012 TR
5Clinton, Traver, McNamee (ski)9.973249222WD Mosquito 06/15/2013 TR
6Pennsylvania5.021382122WD Mosquito 10/25/2013
7London5.01588122WD Mosquito 10/25/2013
8Dyer, Gemini, Sherman, Sheridan9.324202422WD Mosquito 11/09/2013 TR
9Kuss Peak, Mosquito Peak (ski) *R9.122974122WD Mosquito 12/12/2014 TR
10Dyer Peak (ski) *R9.672908122WD Mosquito 01/31/2015
11Mt Evans B (ski) *R6.472375122WD Mosquito 05/01/2015 TR
12London Mountain (ski) *R4.662182122WD Mosquito 05/02/2015 TR
13Weston Peak, Ptarmigan Peak4.32158224WD Mosquito 07/25/2015
14Horseshoe Mountain A (ski) *R9.213060132WD Mosquito 05/20/2016 TR
15Pennsylvania (ski) *R5.031307122WD Mosquito 02/04/2017
16Mt Buckskin (ski) *R4.732341122WD Mosquito 04/13/2017 TR
17Mt Tweto (ski) *R8.942558122WD Mosquito 05/04/2017
18Mt Sheridan (ski) *R4.292133122WD Mosquito 05/31/2017 TR
19London (ski) *R3.491896122WD Mosquito 05/02/2020
20Sheridan (ski) *R4.222115122WD Mosquito 05/22/2020

Total elevation gain: 52099 Total mileage: 140.97

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