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Colorado 13ers: Routes, Combos & Repeats

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L->H Peaks Mileage Elevation # of Peaks Class TH Range Date Map Links
1130750.6335124WD San Juan 07/04/2013 TR
2Brown Mtn A0.93441124WD San Juan 07/04/2013 TR
3Hanson1.25781124WD San Juan 07/04/2013 TR
4Canby1.341185124WD HC San Juan 09/05/2021
5Pennsylvania (ski) *R5.031307122WD Mosquito 02/04/2017
6Pennsylvania5.021382122WD Mosquito 10/25/2013
7V53.211401124WD HC San Juan 09/03/2018 TR
8Gilpin3.241410134WD San Juan 08/30/2019 TR
9Bennet Peak4.041509124WD San Juan 09/13/2014 TR
10Pt 13,0694.471523124WD San Juan 09/05/2016 TR
11Boreas Mountain2.881587122WD Front 06/14/2013 TR
12London5.01588122WD Mosquito 10/25/2013
13Rosalie, Epaulet, Epaulie4.931593322WD Front 08/28/2015 TR
14Gravel Mtn, Pt 13,6882.381630224WD HC San Juan 09/19/2017 TR
15Mt Sniktau *R3.541664122WD Front 09/05/2014
16Mt Guyot (ski) *R3.831681122WD Front 05/03/2019 TR
17Mt Sniktau3.71700122WD Front 03/20/2009
18Conejos Peak6.261760124WD San Juan 09/13/2014 TR
19Fitzpatrick Peak, Pt 12,780 B4.811786224WD Sawatch 07/07/2012 TR
20East Geissler (ski) *R4.631815122WD Sawatch 05/25/2018 TR
21Sniktau, Cupid *R5.141891222WD Front 06/02/2020
22London (ski) *R3.491896122WD Mosquito 05/02/2020
23Coney Benchmark, 132607.721904224WD San Juan 07/20/2011 TR
24Turner Peak (ski) *R3.361905122WD Sawatch 05/30/2015 TR
25Kelso Mtn4.561914122WD Front 08/08/2011 TR
26Sheep Mtn A, Greenhalgh4.891945224WD HC San Juan 09/01/2018 TR
27Lookout Peak2.771986132WD San Juan 09/01/2019 TR
28Turner Peak, 12,5814.052006122WD Sawatch 06/22/2013 TR
29Jacque Peak (ski)5.432074122WD Gore 03/29/2013
30Golden Bear (ski) *R7.672100122WD Front 03/17/2020
31Sheridan (ski) *R4.222115122WD Mosquito 05/22/2020
32Mt Flora7.52120122WD Front 09/27/2008
33Mt Sheridan (ski) *R4.292133122WD Mosquito 05/31/2017 TR
34Houghton, Tuttle4.092150222WD San Juan 07/04/2013 TR
35Weston Peak, Ptarmigan Peak4.32158224WD Mosquito 07/25/2015
36London Mountain (ski) *R4.662182122WD Mosquito 05/02/2015 TR
37Fletcher Mountain4.82200122WD Tenmile 06/20/2009 TR
38Cupid (ski) *R5.272232122WD Front 05/21/2018 TR
39Petroleum Peak (ski)5.622251124WD Sawatch 06/29/2017 TR
40Little Giant Peak, King Soloman Mtn4.412256224WD HC San Juan 09/07/2016 TR
41Truro Peak3.932281134WD Sawatch 08/29/2017 TR
42Northstar Mountain (ski) *R5.762305122WD Tenmile 06/10/2017 TR
43Mt Buckskin (ski) *R4.732341122WD Mosquito 04/13/2017 TR
44Mt Evans B (ski) *R6.472375122WD Mosquito 05/01/2015 TR
45Golden Bear Peak (ski)7.132397122WD Front 06/08/2013 TR
46Pearl Mountain6.32400124WD Elk 09/16/2011 TR
47Proposal, Emery, Bonita3.772409334WD San Juan 08/20/2013 TR
4813,500, Twining (ski)4.712410222WD Sawatch 05/25/2013 TR
4913,510B (ski) *R5.422415122WD San Juan 12/27/2014
50Kelso Mountain (ski) *R3.272416122WD Front 06/07/2017 TR
51Fairview Peak7.322426122WD Sawatch 07/20/2012 TR
52S Snowdon7.352430122WD San Juan 09/02/2019 TR
53Mt White (ski) (backpack)7.952437122WD Sawatch 05/10/2014 TR
54Mountain Boy Peak (ski)5.272451122WD Sawatch 05/23/2014 TR
55Garfield Peak A6.322452124WD Sawatch 08/28/2017 TR
56East and West Geissler (ski) *R4.882455222WD Sawatch 05/31/2014
57Anderson (ski)4.862472134WD Sawatch 06/28/2017 TR
58Cirque4.052476124WD San Juan 08/28/2019 TR
59Eva (ski) *R6.362508124WD Front 05/31/2018 TR
60Holy Cross Ridge, Pt 13248 (ski) (backpack)17.162531232WD Sawatch 06/03/2016 TR
61Golden Bear (ski) *R6.88254422WD Front 05/11/2018 TR
62Mt Tweto (ski) *R8.942558122WD Mosquito 05/04/2017
63Square Top Mountain A (ski) *R6.782574122WD Front 05/23/2015 TR
64Rio Grande Pyramid, 13278 (ski) (backpack)11.882587222WD San Juan 05/04/2016 TR
65Italian Mountain, Lambertson Peak6.692618224WD Elk 09/25/2015 TR
66Tincup, Pt 13,0507.642624224WD Sawatch 07/06/2012 TR
67Sunshine Mtn, 130935.992639224WD San Juan 09/20/2014 TR
68Santa Fe Peak (ski) *R5.872670122WD Front 04/18/2019 TR
69Grizzly Peak D, Cupid5.52680222WD Front 06/27/2008
70West Spanish Peak6.952687122WD Sangre de Cristo 10/25/2014 TR
71Geneva Peak (ski) *R72702122WD Front 04/24/2015 TR
72Hagar Mountain (ski) *R7.362704132WD Front 05/24/2016
73Pt 13,001 (ski) *R7.062715122WD Sawatch 05/31/2019 TR
74North Star Mountain7.872738122WD Tenmile 11/10/2012
75Mt Audubon82745122WD Indian Peaks 09/05/2008
76Golden Bear (ski) *R7.512746122WD Front 06/03/2020
77Whale (ski)6.472754124WD Front 06/01/2018 TR
78Pacific Peak7.652804142WD Tenmile 06/15/2012 TR
79Argentine (ski) *R8.262808124WD Front 06/07/2020
80Mt Owen B, Ruby Peak5.952825222WD Elk 09/26/2015 TR
81Lenawee Mountain6.672828122WD Front 08/24/2011 TR
82Mt Champion (ski) *R6.042861122WD Sawatch 06/01/2017 TR
83Pt 13,090, West Truro Peak5.172880244WD Sawatch 08/04/2017 TR
84Fletcher Mtn (ski) *R6.332882132WD Tenmile 06/15/2016
85Red Mountain C (ski) *R8.272900122WD Front 03/14/2015 TR
86Atlantic Peak (ski)5.52900122WD Tenmile 04/30/2009 TR
87East and West Geissler, Pt 12,851 (ski) *R5.452901222WD Sawatch 05/30/2014
88Dyer Peak (ski) *R9.672908122WD Mosquito 01/31/2015
89Red Mountain C (ski) *R8.252919122WD Front 03/26/2019
90Red Mountain C (ski) *R7.762928122WD Front 05/16/2015 TR
91Red Mountain C (ski) *R8.062930122WD Front 04/26/2017
92James Peak (ski)7.672932122WD Front 03/05/2010 TR
93Redcliff6.652933124WD HC San Juan 08/04/2020 TR
94Mt Sniktau (ski) *R5.082942122WD Front 06/08/2017 TR
95Chipeta (Pt 13,472 A)9.322954122WD Sawatch 06/28/2013
96Kuss Peak, Mosquito Peak (ski) *R9.122974122WD Mosquito 12/12/2014 TR
97Mt Guyot (ski)7.323019122WD Front 04/01/2011
98Fletcher Mountain (ski) *R9.33026122WD Tenmile 03/20/2015 TR
99Horseshoe Mountain9.653032122WD Mosquito 04/09/2010
100Hassell Peak (ski) *R8.183035122WD Front 05/01/2019 TR
101Tijeras, Music (backpack)5.323038244WD HC Sangre de Cristo 07/16/2019 TR
102Handies, Whitecross7.093047222WD San Juan 09/24/2011
103Hassell (ski) *R7.613049122WD Front 05/26/2018 TR
104Horseshoe Mountain A (ski) *R9.213060132WD Mosquito 05/20/2016 TR
105Aztec, Bullion (backpack)11.713095242WD San Juan 09/02/2020 TR
106Monumental Peak (ski) *R9.393097124WD Sawatch 06/10/2019 TR
107Fancy Peak7.73109122WD Sawatch 09/29/2012 TR
108Paiute Peak, Mt Audubon8.93128232WD Front 10/09/2015
109Teocalli Mountain5.533137124WD Elk 09/26/2016 TR
110K 49 (ski) *R9.083146124WD Sawatch 06/25/2019 TR
111Homestake Peak (ski)12.33170122WD Sawatch 03/22/2014
112Belleview8.42319612+2WD Elk 10/07/2020 TR
113Montezuma, The Unicorn, Summit7.693209324WD San Juan 09/12/2014 TR
114Hoosier Ridge (ski) *R9.93214122WD Front 04/25/2019 TR
115Bald Mountain A (ski)8.853230122WD Front 06/14/2013 TR
116Mt Ouray6.253234122WD Sawatch 07/13/2012
117Mt Champion, Pt 13,7367.363239222WD Sawatch 07/19/2012 TR
118Clinton, Traver, McNamee (ski)9.973249222WD Mosquito 06/15/2013 TR
119Spaulding, Gray Wolf, Warren, Rogers8.493251422WD Front 07/08/2011
120Mt Bancroft, Parry Peak, Mt Eva6.513274324WD Front 08/19/2011 TR
121Mt Emma, Mendota, T 56.323276344WD San Juan 08/31/2019 TR
122Notch Mtn, Pt 13,2489.353282242WD Sawatch 10/05/2013 TR
123Pettingell (ski) *R93288122WD Front 05/24/2018 TR
124Mt Oklahoma (ski) *R7.873290124WD Sawatch 06/21/2017 TR
125Silverheels8.693302122WD Front 09/01/2013
126Atlantic Peak (ski) *R11.413327132WD Tenmile 04/22/2017 TR
127Gladstone Ridge (ski) *R9.393339122WD Sawatch 05/23/2019 TR
128Bald Mountain (ski) *R10.883354122WD Front 03/27/2015 TR
129Mt Parnasus (ski) *R6.463360122WD Front 06/19/2019 TR
130Gladstone Ridge6.893363122WD Sawatch 07/05/2012 TR
131Mt of the Holy Cross, Pt 13248 (ski) (backpack)6.293366232WD Sawatch 06/02/2016 TR
132White Rock BM8.753388124WD HC Elk 08/30/2021
133Potosi4.593397134WD San Juan 08/29/2019 TR
134South Arapaho Peak8.883397122WD Front 07/31/2008
135Bard Peak9.53400122WD Front 10/23/2009
136Evans B, Repeater, Mosquito, Treasurevault, Tweto11.723403524WD Mosquito 06/21/2012
137Lackawanna (ski)3.833417122WD Sawatch 06/01/2013 TR
138Hunts Peak6.23418122WD Sangre de Cristo 08/30/2013 TR
13913,285 13,180 C 13,1559.043426354WD San Juan 08/18/2012 TR
140Ruby Mountain (ski)9.853427122WD Front 01/25/2014 TR
141W & E Buffalo Peak7.893432222WD Mosquito 10/20/2012 TR
142Silex Guardian (backpack)6.033447234WD HC San Juan 09/07/2021 TR
143Crystal Peak (ski)7.633458122WD Tenmile 03/23/2012 TR
144Canby, Hardrocker, Galena, Stoney Pass, Green Mtn A9.233466524WD San Juan 07/05/2013 TR
145Navajo, Apache103479242WD Front 07/15/2011 TR
146Crystal (ski) *R8.263483122WD Tenmile 05/11/2020
14713,736 (ski) *R14.043499122WD Sawatch 05/20/2020
148Ice Mtn, N Apostle9.243518232WD 4WD Sawatch 07/02/2011 TR
149Organ Mtn10.633525122WD San Juan 09/05/2015 TR
150Marble Mountain6.743529124WD Sangre de Cristo 09/07/2013 TR
151Pt 13295, Pt 13232 B9.083535224WD Sawatch 08/15/2017 TR
152West Pearl Mountain (ski)6.473562122WD Elk 04/23/2010 TR
153Engelmann Peak, Robeson Peak7.633572222WD Front 10/02/2015
154Deer Mountain (ski) *R10.393603132WD Sawatch 06/26/2019 TR
155Lackawanna (ski) *R6.393633122WD Sawatch 03/15/2017 TR
156San Miguel Peak8.483637142WD San Juan 08/09/2017 TR
157Mt Silverheels (ski) *R8.983642122WD Front 05/30/2019 TR
158Ervin, Blaurock5.223652234WD Sawatch 07/19/2013 TR
15913,427, 13,540 A, CT Peak, Gudy Peak9.523653434WD San Juan 10/05/2018 TR
160Taylor Mountain (ski) *R6.673655122WD Sawatch 05/25/2019 TR
16113206 1337712.133671224WD HC San Juan 08/03/2020 TR
162Pt 13,091, Pt 13,106, Pt 13,15810.693679324WD San Juan 10/07/2016 TR
163Purgatoire Peak, Alamosito, Vermejo Peak7.033687324WD HC Sangre de Cristo 07/12/2017 TR
164Jones, Niagra5.933694224WD San Juan 09/25/2011
165Pacific (ski) *R11.013696122WD Tenmile 05/05/2020
166Campbell Creek, 13,79583717222WD San Juan 07/20/2011 TR
167Every Mtn, Cooper Creek Peak9.693732222WD San Juan 09/27/2019 TR
168Culebra Peak, Red Peak7.33737224WD Sangre de Christo 07/09/2010 TR
169Quail Mtn5.723744122WD Sawatch 07/27/2013
170Hoosier Ridge, Red Mtn C, Red Pk A11.73749322WD Front 11/23/2012 TR
171Storm King (backpack)9.123770134WD HC San Juan 09/06/2021 TR
172Ervin Blaurock *R5.923780234WD Sawatch 09/25/2020
173Bull Hill (ski) *R7.53786122WD Sawatch 05/13/2016 TR
174Loveland, Buckskin, Tweto, Arkansas8.273804434WD Mosquito 09/30/2011
175Sayres Benchmark (ski)10.393816122WD Sawatch 04/10/2015 TR
176Pt 13,062 B8.153817124WD Elk 09/22/2012 TR
177Edwards, McClellan, Argentine, Wilcox8.93820424WD Front 07/17/2009 TR
178Hassel Pk, Pettingell Pk10.763829222WD Front 12/01/2012
17913,111 13,020 D, Baldy Lejos, 13,03412.563831434WD San Juan 08/17/2012 TR
180Henry Mtn, Fossil Mtn, Square Top Mtn9.13832324WD Sawatch 09/04/2015 TR
181Chipeta Peak (ski) *R10.613844124WD Sawatch 06/11/2019 TR
182Grays, Edwards *R8.663879222WD Front 06/30/2020
183Antora Peak7.553890122WD Sawatch 08/29/2015 TR
184Mt Lady Washington8.353892122WD Front 11/27/2013 TR
185Pt 13,159, Bridal Peak (T 11)8.943900222WD San Juan 09/06/2016 TR
186The Citadel, Hagar Mountain10.73909232WD Front 09/09/2011 TR
187N Arapaho, S Arapaho, Old Baldy10.633912342WD Front 08/26/2011 TR
188San Joaquin Ridge, Oscars Peak6.78391222+4WD San Juan 07/29/2016 TR
189Emma Burr, Kreutzer, Chalk Rock, Jones B11.08392442+4WD Sawatch 08/16/2012 TR
190Mt Parnassus, Woods Mountain8.53926222WD Front 10/31/2008
191Casco (ski) *R9.773951122WD Sawatch 05/21/2020
192Hancock, Van Wirt, Van Wit, Monumental, 13147, Sewanee7.783954622WD Sawatch 06/29/2013
193Electric Pass, Leahy10.143956222WD Elk 08/17/2013
194Pt 13460 (ski)9.733993122WD Sawatch 05/12/2016 TR
195Pika11.183993134WD Sawatch 10/01/2020 TR
196Matterhorn, Wetterhorn8.04000234WD San Juan 09/24/2010
197Mt Aetna (ski) *R8.134000122WD Sawatch 05/11/2016 TR
198Quarter Peak8.694006122WD San Juan 10/06/2017
199Star Peak, Taylor Peak A (ski)8.1401922+4WD Elk 06/13/2017 TR
200Mt Daly9.574068122WD Elk 08/24/2012
201Mt Hope74073122WD Sawatch 10/09/2009 TR
202Taylor Mountain (ski) *R8.24106122WD Sawatch 05/24/2019 TR
203Dome Mountain, Tower Mountain9.644122224WD San Juan 09/03/2016 TR
204NW Pole, Pole Creek Mountain11.924125234WD HC San Juan 09/26/2018 TR
20513140 13180B11.294144234WD Elk 10/09/2020 TR
206Taylor Mtn A, Mt Aetna7.424154224WD Sawatch 11/17/2012
20713577, 13660 A, California8.554180322WD Sangre de Cristo 09/27/2013 TR
208Ute Ridge, 13,342, 13,30810.78418132+4WD HC San Juan 09/28/2018 TR
209Dyer, Gemini, Sherman, Sheridan9.324202422WD Mosquito 11/09/2013 TR
21013235 13253 (West Apostle attempt) *R12.394254224WD Sawatch 09/24/2020
211Beaubein, Francisco, Lomo Lisa, Miranda, 13,229, 13,56511.084256634WD HC Sangre de Cristo 07/19/2017 TR
212Mt Silverheels (ski) *R10.974262122WD Front 04/06/2016 TR
213Keller Mountain12.34265122WD Gore 08/03/2012 TR
214Stewart Peak, Rito Alto, Column Ridge12.594290322WD San Juan 09/06/2015 TR
215V4, US Grant, V29.714295342WD San Juan 08/29/2018 TR
216Jackass, La Junta Peak, Wasatch Mtn8.91429832+4WD San Juan 07/28/2016 TR
217Woods Mtn A, 13709, Seigal, Animas Forks Mtn, Cinnamon, 1353510.16432262+4WD HC San Juan 07/03/2013 TR
218Window Peak, 13017 (attempt) (ski) (backpack)15.514326122WD San Juan 05/03/2016 TR
219Kendall Mtn, Kendall Peak, 13434, Rhoda, Whitehead, 131097.674339634WD San Juan 07/06/2013 TR
220Herard, Medano10.654352224WD HC Sangre de Cristo 06/14/2018 TR
221Red Peak B (ski) *R11.84381122WD Gore 04/23/2019 TR
222Pt 13,180A8.394384124WD San Juan 09/17/2017 TR
223Pt 13,768, Mt Whitney10.394385224WD Sawatch 09/16/2016 TR
224Wilcox, Argentine, Square Top9.284386322WD Front 04/21/2012
225Gold Dust Peak14.234387124WD Sawatch 09/17/2016 TR
226Peak C (ski)12.984396132WD Gore 06/16/2016 TR
227Jenkins Pk, Pt 13,140 A, Grizzly Pk E8.35439632+4WD Sawatch 07/21/2012 TR
228Phoenix Peak (ski)12.274412124WD San Juan 05/05/2016 TR
229Finnegan9.644424134WD Sawatch 09/22/2021
230Pilot Knob, Golden Horn, Vermillion11.074430342WD San Juan 08/21/2013 TR
231Cronin Peak (ski) *R11.644433122WD Sawatch 04/15/2017 TR
232Santa Fe, Sullivan, Geneva, Landslide14.324437422WD Front 01/20/2013
233Redcloud, Sunshine, Sundog10.34500322WD San Juans 07/11/2009 TR
234Cathedral Peak (ski)10.834500142WD Elk 04/12/2017 TR
235West & East Geissler, 13,001, 13,545, Twining8.914531532WD Sawatch 06/22/2012 TR
236Cinco Baldy, Baldy no es Cinco, 13162, 1351015.244541422WD San Juan 07/21/2011 TR
23713028 13060 13062 (backpack)10.534560334WD Sangre de Cristo 09/16/2021 TR
238Lightning Pyramid11.574573132WD Elk 07/22/2019 TR
239Mt Jackson, Pt 13433 (backpack)15.464591222WD Sawatch 08/19/2019 TR
240Colony Baldy12.174615122WD Sangre de Cristo 10/24/2014 TR
24113832, 1381112.34631222WD San Juan 09/19/2014 TR
242Casco Pk, Frasco BM, French Mtn12468332+4WD Sawatch 11/30/2012 TR
243Peak 10, Peak 9 (ski)9.044684222WD Tenmile 03/30/2013
244Huron, Browns, 13,462, Middle Mtn B9.734686422WD 4WD Sawatch 01/04/2013
245West Partner Peak (ski)11.24692122WD Gore 04/13/2016 TR
246Buckskin BM, 1303913.124697242WD Elk 09/13/2018 TR
247Thunder Pyramid (ski)11.624724122WD Elk 05/31/2013 TR
248Willoughby11.584724122WD Elk 06/21/2018 TR
249Bushnell, Twin Sisters S, Twin Sisters N7.114742324WD Sangre de Cristo 07/12/2013
250West Elk Peak19.144784112WD Elk 09/27/2016 TR
251Winfield, Virginia, West Virginia, Sheep Rock Mtn, 13235, 13253, 13253 S13.544786732WD Sawatch 07/20/2013 TR
25213020 1333615.634802232WD Elk 09/15/2020 TR
253Rolling Mtn, V9, V8, Beattie7.984837434WD San Juan 08/30/2018 TR
254American Peak, Handies Peak (ski)14.454847222WD San Juan 04/25/2013 TR
255Mt Hope (Hopeful) (ski) *R7.24848122WD Sawatch 04/06/2012
256Tabor Peak, Tellurium Peak, West Tellurium Peak13.344866344WD Sawatch 08/03/2017 TR
257Copeland Mountain14.244878122WD Front 10/10/2015
258Rito Alto, Peak of the Clouds, Spread Eagle, Hermit, Eureka9.64888524WD Sangre de Cristo 08/10/2013 TR
259Twin Peaks A (ski)11.144888122WD Sangre de Cristo 05/18/2016 TR
260Pt 13402, Pt 1301515.354892222WD San Juan 08/16/2017 TR
261Mt Eolus, Jupitor Mountain (ski) (backpack)104899232WD San Juan 05/12/2017 TR
262Pt 13,374 (ski)15.524927122WD Sawatch 03/16/2017 TR
263Mt Silverthorne14.984934122WD Gore 09/11/2017 TR
264Boulder Mtn, Mt Mamma9.994943222WD Sawatch 11/10/2013 TR
265Blackwall, Wildhorse, Cow BM, 13,132, Darley, Engineer16.694944624WD San Juan 09/18/2017 TR
266Valois, Amherst, Organ (backpack)10.644948332WD San Juan 09/03/2020 TR
267Broken Hill, Pt 13,300 C, Pt 13,20113.154976324WD San Juan 10/06/2016 TR
268Climbers Pt, Mt Solitude, Vista Pk11.194992322WD Gore 07/26/2013 TR
269Rinker Peak, Twin Peaks, Twin Peak NE10.074997322WD Sawatch 09/18/2015 TR
270Red Peak B15.65010122WD Gore 08/01/2008 TR
271Twin Sisters East, Twin Sisters West, Pt 13,04211.735017324WD San Juan 09/04/2016 TR
272Bent, Carson, Tundra Top, Cataract, 13581, 1358011.765052634WD San Juan 07/22/2011 TR
273North Traverse Pk, Grand Traverse Pk11.595080242WD Gore 08/10/2012 TR
274Sheridan, Sheep D, Pk 22, 12,442, Endlich Mesa17.985104532WD San Juan 09/06/2020 TR
275Oklahoma, Deer, K4911.395159334WD Sawatch 06/29/2012 TR
276Crestone Needle, Broken Hand Peak8.175160234WD Sangre de Cristo 08/12/2011 TR
277Mt Adams (ski) *R13.225168122WD Sangre de Cristo 05/19/2016 TR
278Baldy Mtn, Pt 13,24412.65232222WD Elk 06/20/2018 TR
279Mt Yale, Mascot Peak8.575243222WD Sawatch 03/03/2012 TR
280Ribbed, 1310012.385282232WD Sawatch 08/03/2013 TR
281Hagerman Peak (ski) (backpack)9.375288134WD HC Elk 06/18/2015 TR
282South Hayden, North Hayden, T8, T710.175293434WD HC San Juan 09/12/2012 TR
283Eagle, Lake, Thirsty, 13123 B, Cottonwood12.295311524WD Sangre de Cristo 08/01/2013 TR
284Hunchback Mountain, White Dome, Peak One12.665312334WD HC San Juan 09/27/2018 TR
285Bull Hill, South Elbert, Elbert11.55318222WD Sawatch 10/04/2013
286Eagles Nest14.285345122WD Gore 09/11/2018 TR
287Isolation, Mahana17.175358222WD Front 10/22/2011 TR
288T0, Campbell Peak11.455371432WD San Juan 09/22/2018 TR
28913054 (backpack)9.475372124WD Sangre de Cristo 09/15/2021 TR
290Half Peak, Pt 13,164175400222WD San Juan 10/05/2017
291Huerfanito, Lindsey, Iron Nipple, Huerferno11.065435432WD Sangre de Cristo 09/28/2013 TR
292Grizzly Peak A (ski)11.435458132WD Sawatch 05/25/2014 TR
293Little Horn, Fluted, Horn11.675526322WD Sangre de Cristo 05/04/2012
294Comanche, Spring, Venable13.195556322WD Sangre de Cristo 08/08/2013 TR
295Williams South C, Williams South A, Williams South B, Williams, Williams North14.765767542WD Sawatch 09/20/2013 TR
29613,401, Cleveland, Deadman, 13,384 (backpack)10.47580642+4WD HC Sangre de Cristo 07/17/2019 TR
297Maxwell, Cuatro, Leaning South, Leaning North, Trinchera14.455813532WD Sangre de Cristo 07/13/2017 TR
298Pt 13,626 Pt 13,317 Pt 13,07815.565888322WD Sawatch 07/12/2016 TR
299Carbonate, Cyclone, Lo Carb, Cronin, Grizzly, 13070, Pomeroy11.445894744WD Sawatch 08/02/2013 TR
300West Needle, S Twilight, Twilight, N Twilight (backpack)19.585987332WD San Juan 08/11/2020 TR
301Nebo 13110 13230 1316916.56025434WD HC San Juan 09/09/2021 TR
302Corbett Ridge, Whitehouse, Ridgway10.856052334WD HC San Juan 08/22/2013
303Crestone Peak, Broken Hand Peak (ski) *R13.86229232WD Sangre de Cristo 05/16/2014 TR
304Huerfano, Mt Lindsey (ski) *R12.156469222WD Sangre de Cristo 05/24/2015 TR
305Snow, Valhalla, Palomino Pt12.76511332WD Gore 11/02/2012 TR
306Esprit Pt, Shavano, Pt 137129.316545322WD Sawatch 11/29/2013 TR
307Middle, 13,463, Prize BM, Booby Prize, 12,750, 12,934, 13,32210.636589732WD Sawatch 06/21/2013 TR
308Kit Carson, Challenger, Columbia Pt, Obstruction Pt15.116756444WD Sangre de Cristo 07/31/2010 TR
309South River Peak (backpack)25.856875122WD San Juan 07/07/2020 TR
310Chicago, Tomboy, Telluride, 13510B, Trico, T 10, Three Needles14.726922732WD San Juan 09/13/2012 TR
311Treasure Mtn, Treasury Mtn17.02703222+2WD Elk 09/21/2012 TR
312Sheep Mtn C, 13100, 13681, Silver Mtn A, 13050, 1301624.697292632WD San Juan 09/20/2019 TR
31313541, 13517 B, 13580 A, Adams, 13153, 1354616.697292642WD Sangre de Cristo 08/31/2013 TR
31412653A, 13003, 12801, 13026, 13202, 13300A, 13145B, 13230B, Wayah, 1321217.474541042WD Sawatch 08/16/2013 TR
315Chief Mountain A, 1301028.277742232WD San Juan 09/12/2019 TR
316S10, S9, S8, S7, Whipple Mtn16.4779142+4WD San Juan 09/21/2018 TR
317Electric, De Anza, Gibbs, Marcy, Silver, 13490, 13122, Owen25.7911073832WD Sangre de Cristo 08/29/2013 TR

Total elevation gain: 1187381 Total mileage: 2920.33

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