Otina's Adventures

Otina's Adventures

Trip reports and photos from hiking, climbing, skiing
and mountaineering adventures in Colorado, Alaska, NY and beyond.

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13er Routes - A complete list of all my 13er trips, fully sortable (2020)

Sortable ski listing - Parse through my ski trips (14ers/13ers/12ers/etc). Still in development (2020)

Colorado 14ers - Updated page to look like the 13ers list page. (2020)

Ski Resorts - Redone the page to be more interesting (to me). Listing my ski resort visits and elevation gain (when known). Also totals of backcountry, resort uphilling and Nordic skiing (mostly missing data on nordic). Also added the complimentary page on Human-Powered Skiing (2019)

Colorado 13ers - New sorting functionality: 13ers by classes. See how many class 3 13ers there are by range and total! (Mostly I'm just proud I figured out the logic puzzle coding) (2019-2020)

Home page log sorting by activity type. Mostly just for me searching for various trips. (2019)

14er Ski Project - Decided that I needed a dedicated 14er ski page. Still filling content. (2018)

Back-filling old content (pre-website)

Since I likely won't be adding a lot of skiing/climbing/hiking trips to my home page for a while (2014 broken leg), I'll be adding content to other areas of my website over the next few months. So I'll keep a listing of that new content here, if you find yourself jonesing for something new!

Alaska (Mountain / Photography / Life)

Denali in Spring - A rare clear day as I drove south along the Parks Highway. 2007

Seward Sea Life Center - Toured the research, rehabilitation, education and aquarium. Birds, Sea lions, and Seals! 2007

Resurrection Bay Cruise - Took a glacier and wildlife cruise out of Seward around Resurrection Bay. 2007

Sable Pass (Denali NP) - 20 mile bike ride from Teklanika to Sable Pass (With elk, moose, ptarmigan, rabbit and bears) 2007

Mt Healy (Denali NP) - Short hike up to Overlook, and river hike at the end of the public accessible road in Denali NP. 2003

Denali Ptarmigan - Playing my favorite game: Stalk the Ptarmigan! 2007

My Garden through the years in Fairbanks: 2004-2006

Fairbanks Botanical Garden - A great place to take a new camera to test it's capabilities, as well as learn about depth of field, composition and focusing. Beautiful flowers always inspire! 2006-7

Fairbanks Ice Art Championships - It's what to do in March every year 2004-2007

Chatanika - Small town lunch stop 2005

Red Green River Regatta - Float the Chena River in contraption. Only Rule: Must use 1 roll of duct tape! 2005

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My tale of being the most hated vehicle between Fairbanks, AK and Boulder, CO: Southern Migration 2007

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