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Alaska Roadtrip 2

Destination(s): Valdez
Road(s): Alaska highway, Richardson Highway, Tok cutoff
Date: Memorial Day weekend, 2004


I heard good things about the drive to Valdez - You will stop every 10 feet to take a photo. So on an open weekend I took off from Fairbanks. At about North Pole, I realized that I had forgotten my CD's and my book. I didn't want to backtrack, so I kept on.

South of the Alaska Range and Delta Mountains near Paxon, the weather turned cloudy and rainy. I saw nothing of the fabled Wrangell Mountains near Gokana. Not having any entertainment for the evening, I kept driving, and only ended up stopping for the first night near Tonsina.

Day 2 provided similar weather on the way to Valdez. The Worthington Glacier was nice, and would have liked better weather do do a hike, but decided to head down to Valdez for a King Crab dinner.

In Valdez I visited the old townsite destroyed in the 1964 earthquake. It smelled so badly of rotting fish, I ran away. The entire town smells like fish, and it wasn't until I drove north again, in a heavy rainstorm, that the smell went away. The rain was too heavy to attempt any hiking here too.

On my return to Fairbanks, I decided to take the Tok Cutoff out of Gokana to see that area. This time Mt Drum peaks out of the clouds beyond the Copper River.

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Alaska Highway (Fairbanks to Delta Junction):

Richardson Highway (from Delta Junction to Glenallen):

Richardson Highway (from Glenallen to Valdez):


Richardson Highway (from Valdez to Gokana):

Tok Cutoff (from Gokana to Tok):

Alaska Highway (from Tok to Fairbanks):

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