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Iceland 2000

  RIDGE / NordVulk Summer School 2000

Day 1 Reykjavik

Reykjavik Harbor

Day2 Travel to Myvatn

Western bounding fault to western rift zone, Lake Thingvallavatn in background. Hengill Triple Junction.

Within the fault!


Kjolur geothermal area with Hofsjokull glacier in the background

Godafoss Waterfall

Day 4 Myvatn and Krafla Caldera

Hverfjall tephra ring with Lake Myvatn to left and the town of Myvatn in background

Geothermal Plant within Krafla Caldera

Center of the Krafla Caldera, standing on a full magma chamber. Recent (1974-1985) flows from the "Krafla Fires" in center of picture.

Looking south to edge of Krafla caldera to geothermal plant

Day 5 Askja Caldera

Askja Caldera

Ridge/Plume group looking at welded tuff in Askja caldera

Waterfall in canyon near Askja caldera. Full of pumice flying in the air and into the eyes!!! Ouch! Canyon walls contain pillow basalt.

Day7 Northern rift zone

Fjord in northern Iceland looking at the town of Husavik out onto the Arctic Ocean

Northern Iceland where Tjornes fracture zone meets transform-rift section in ocean. Husavik strike-slip fault (left) meets normal faults (right) of theistareykir fissure swarm.

River though collumnar jointed basalt (just downstream of Dettifoss waterfall)

Dettifoss Waterfall - The most powerfall waterfall in all of Europe

Typical night out at the local bar

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