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Lilly Lake

Lilly Lake
Region: Front Range

Trip 3
Date: July 6, 2014
Mileage: 1.09
Elevation Gain: 17'
Partners: solo

With the go-ahead from the Ortho Doc to put limited weight on my broken left leg, I decided to take an easy hike at altitude, to see how it felt. Also a good opportunity to combine it with some Leica photography practice (too bad the film didn't advance - no photos) and do the reverse of the road trip I did back in October 2007.

Drove up to Estes Park. Took photos of Longs and the church, then did the hike around Lilly Lake. Also included the side trip to overlook into RMNP. I couldn't easily or quickly find the overlook, so I just found a little pile of rocks that looked free from tree obstructions and did a small scramble up for the view. Simple mantling up, then crab walk/butt scoot down. Simple enough when my arms have gotten strong from the crutches! A boom from the sky with 0.2mi to the car, had me hurrying to avoid the rain. A bit of a wet drive over to Nederland and down, with some flat tire excitement in Boulder. New tire (bought day before) got a 6" drill bit inside. Under warranty! New tire, replaces new tire. Grateful for the help of a passing stranger. Wasn't sure if I could handle changing the tire with my leg!


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