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Remodeling upstairs bathroom

White on white on white = BORING!!! A perfectly functional bathroom, but boring color scheme and old vanity. Time to tear out the old and boring and make create something more interesting. (Note, I had already changed the shower head, so I included the old one in the 2nd photo for posterity) This will be my first remodeling job, and the first part of tearing everything out was quite a lot of fun. Annapurna also enjoyed playing with the removed calk pieces and was interested when I was removing the plumbing to the sink.

Day 2: Tearing out the vanity... what a pain! Whomever put it in, used nails instead of screws. I managed to hack my way into the wood to remove 5 nails, but there were others hidden that went into the side wall and into the floor. Brute force finally wrenched the old nasty vanity out. Now comes the next dilema - How to deal with the tiling and the new vanity placement. But first I get to paint! (And remove the tacky light fixture!)

Day 3-4: Painting. Not exactly talented on painting, but I"m trying to get better. The blue tape thing is a bit of a learning curve, always have to retouch after I'm done. Maybe the next paint project will go better.

Day 5: Lights, mirror and floor board. With Darrin around, I had help getting the lights swapped out, the mirror hung and the floor board cut and ready for tiling.

Day 6: Tile cutting, mortar. Usually power tools like wood saws scare me slightly. The possibility of wood being thrown or fingers cut off are always in the back of my head. But tile cutters grind instead of cut, so the process is much "safer", just have to make sure water is cooling the blade and tile. For this project I had to cut 3 tiles, and one with a double cut. Brought my truck out of the garage and used the light in there. The saw worked well, and made my garage floor quite wet. When I put the tiles on the floor, I realized that some minor undulations in the backerboard would prevent me from using the fancy tile sticky tape. So I would have to use thinset mortar and wait 24-36 hours. Spreading the mortar felt very Zen sand garden ;).

Day 7: Grouting. Since I got the premixed grout, all I had to do was spread it into the gaps using a rubber grout float, clean up using the double sided sponge. Wait 4 hours and buff the tiles with the blue side, then wait a day before I could apply the grout sealer. Done with tiling!

Day 8-9: Vanity installation. I had to remove the backing to the vanity, as otherwise cutting holes for the water pipes would be annoying. Didn't add much to the look and feel, so off it went. Of course, my helper had to inspect immediately. I temporarily put in the vanity top to match up the plumbing so that I could get the supplies to connect the pipes. Also helpful for seeing what I need to do to level the vanity with the flat surface to measure slope.

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